EMA appeals to int’l community for support to Eurovision

The European Movement of Azerbaijan (EMA) issued an official statement on the Eurovision Song Contest-2012, which will be held in Baku, ANN.Az reported.
“Azerbaijan is known in the region and Eurasia for centuries as a country, combining Eastern and Western culture,” the statement reads. “Azerbaijan is home to people of different nationalities and religions, moved in here at different times. Their cohabitation with other nations indicates tolerance and hospitality of the people living in the country.”

European Movement of Azerbaijan to be officially introduced

The European Movement of Azerbaijan (EMA) will be officially introduced at the special event FAQ, which will be held in the International Press Center on March 16, at 14:00, the press service of the EMA said, ANN.Az reported.
During the event, the EMA will provide the public with information on work, which was carried out so far, the organization’s agenda, and will present the body’s website.

Vice-Presidents of EMA approved

Preparations for the presentation of the European Movement of Azerbaijan (EMA) have started.
EMA’s President Ramin Hajili has approved four vice-presidents at the last meeting of the body, the press-service of the movement said, ANN.Az reported.
According to the Charter and regulations of the movement, vice-presidents should not be board members.

European Movement of Azerbaijan to held confab in Baku – PHOTO

President of the European Movement: “Azerbaijan is very important for Europe”
The European Movement of Azerbaijan (EMA) held a conference on “The Role of Civil Society in the process of European Integration,”
The conference was held in the Hyatt Regency’s Guba Hall on Feb.18 at 10.00, according to the EMA’s press-service.
President of the European Movement and member of the European Parliament Joe Leinen addressed the conference.

Office of European Movement of Azerbaijan opened – PHOTO

President of the International European Movement (IEM) Jo Leinen attended the opening ceremony of the office.
As it was earlier reported, the Congress of the European Movement of Azerbaijan (EMA) was held on Feb. 17. A day after the EMA organized a conference on “The Role of Civil Society in the Process of European Integration”.
Leinen visited Azerbaijan to participate in ceremonial events and the opening of an office in Baku on Feb. 17 -20.

Ramin Hajili elected as new president of EM in Azerbaijan – PHOTO

The first congress of a new representative office of the international European Movement (established in 2007) took place on Feb. 17, 2012.
During the meeting, participants have elected a new president for the next three years, new members and approved a new charter. The congress, which took place in the Park INN Hotel’s Fizuli Hall, was attended by representatives of embassies and international organisations, MPs, members of initiative groups and journalists.

European Movement of Azerbaijan to hold confab in Baku

The European Movement of Azerbaijan (EMA) will hold a conference on “The Role of Civil Society in the Process of European Integration” on Feb.18 at 10.00.
The conference will be attended by the European Movement’s President Jo Leinen, representatives of government, embassies, civil organizations, international institutions and journalists, according to the EMA’s press-service.
Jo Leinen, MP Asim Mollazadeh, Head of the Society for Humanitarian Research Avaz Hasanov, Chairman of the Integration of Azerbaijani Youth in Europe Organization Gulsel Safarova and President of JCI Azerbaijan Parviz Abbasov will address the conference.
After discussing these reports, a package of proposals will be prepared.
The EMA’s first congress will be held in the Hotel Park INN’s Fizuli Hall on Feb.17 at 19.00.
Source: ANN.Az

President of European Movement to visit Baku

The European Movement Azerbaijan has completed preparatory works for the Congress of the movement.
The European Movement’s local representative office carries out its activities in Azerbaijan since 2007. However, the office has not  held the official congress so far. Therefore, the European Movement Azerbaijan (EMA) has not been approved yet as a full member by the movement’s central office.

Azerbaijani office of European Movement prepares for Founding Congress

The Azerbaijani representative office of the “European Movement” (AP EM), which carries out its activity since 2007, plans to conduct the Founding Congress, after which it will become a full member of the EM, the press service of the AP ED said.
The preparation works for the Congress have already started, it is scheduled for Feb. 11. The AR EM is preparing a new charter, agenda, structure of the organization and nominations for leadership positions. Furthermore,  the organization is registering and  refining the list of members.

Ramin Hajili appointed General Secretary of European Movement of Azerbaijan

The appointment was made by President of the EMA Surkhan Latifov and approved by the the EM’s central office.
After the appointment, the preparations for the first EMA’s Congress have started . Negotiations with the EM’s central office are held in this deirection, and the date of meeting will be announced in the next few days.
Ramin Rasim oglu Hajili was born on Sept. 1, 1983 in the Arayatly Village of Fizuli Region of Azerbaijan Republic. He graduated secondary school № 220 in Baku. From 2002 to 2006, he studied in the Turkish Peace Department of the Azerbaijan State Economic University,  specialization in International Relations.