- Ramin Hajili

Ramin Hajili Rasim was born in Arayatli village of Fizuli region, Azerbaijan republic on September 1st of 1983. He finished school number 220 of Nizami region in Baku. From 2002 to 2006 studied at Azerbaijan State Economical University, faculty of Turkish World, on International political relations major. 
In 2002-2004 years was selected as a chairman of the “Rasulzada - Elchibay” House. He was one of the founders and first chairman of Dalga Youth Movement (2005-2006) and also a director of “Democracy School” founded by Dalga Youth Movement. Now he is one of trainers of the Democracy School and a president of Democracy Academy. 
Since September 2006 he is a chairman of Youth Organization of Democratic Reforms Party (DRP) and since 2008 a member of a Political Soviet of the DRP. From June 2011 to February 2012 he was the Vice President and the Secretary of the European Movement Azerbaijan. At the moment he is the President of European Movement Azerbaijan. 
Besides of that, he is an author and main editor of youth-oriented newspaper “Alma”, which is publishing since 2006. Several times he was published in media with different articles. 
In 2008 he represented the youth of Azerbaijan in the conference “World Democracy Movement” held in Kiev, Ukraine. 
In 2009 he participated in the conference “Relations between Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia” in Bursa, Turkey, where he represented his ideas about situation in the region to the Turkish journalists. 
Also he visited USA in the frames of the program “Young leaders”. 
Ran for deputy of the “Democracy Block”.in 2010 during the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan from 24th district of Nizami region. 
Since 2011 he is a founder and general director of the journal «Üçüncü gələcək» («The Third Future»). 
Ramin Hajili is an expert in political sciences and ideologies. 

Sex: Male

Marriage status: Single

Study: High

Major: International Political Relations 

Registration: Arayatli village of Fizuli region, Republic of Azerbaijan 

Address: Elshan Suleymanov 137, Nizami region, Azerbaijan.

Telephone:+99450 512 86 38 (mob)

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