Azerbaijani office of European Movement prepares for Founding Congress

The Azerbaijani representative office of the “European Movement” (AP EM), which carries out its activity since 2007, plans to conduct the Founding Congress, after which it will become a full member of the EM, the press service of the AP ED said.
The preparation works for the Congress have already started, it is scheduled for Feb. 11. The AR EM is preparing a new charter, agenda, structure of the organization and nominations for leadership positions. Furthermore,  the organization is registering and  refining the list of members.
The members of the AR EM will elect a new president, the bureau consisting of 12 people and the charter at the Congress. The Congress will be convened onceevery three years and the leadership will be elected by associate members.
First Secretary Ramin Hajili has been appointed the AP EM’s acting president as the real president Surkhan Latifov is studying abroad.

Note: The resignation letter of Surkhan Latifov, who was The President of European Movement Azerbaijan, from 2008  till 2012 year          

To the Congress of The European Movement Azerbaijan
                                         From Surkhan Latifov,
The President of  The European Movement Azerbaijan  

Dear Congress participants!
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Founded by W. Churchill after the World War II The European Movement International was playing an irreplaceable role in building  peace, democracy, stability, establishment the dialogue among the nations and development of integration. European Movement is the first and only organization working in real by now.
European Movement Azerbaijan started its activity officially in 2008. In previous years Movement impacted succesfully on  political and social life of country and created important international links. Surely, besides the success, there were also problems and difficulties.
Dear Congress participants.
Due to the reason of my absence in Azerbaijan I cannot participate in the Congress’ work.. Considering the emerged situation I claim that I resign my position owing to impossibility of fulfillment the duties of the President of European Movement Azerbaijan. However, I intend to continue being a part of the Movement and expend all my knowledge and experience for its development.
In the end, I would like to wish you success in the work of Congress.

Surxan Latifov
The President of European Movement Azerbaijan

13. 02. 2012


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