Initiative Group

To do this, it was important to hold the Congress in February. I really wanted that, as in other countries, Azerbaijan elected the president of EMA by associate members. But we did not have any association member or an individual representative or any other structure. What to do in this case? After much deliberation we decided to involve persons known in the community for their prestige and moral purity in this process. However, we were interested to involve the main youth organizations in Azerbaijan. The rate for young people was caused by a desire to give the movement dynamics, as well as my knowledge of youth environment through many years of working with youth, and personal connections.
Creating an initiative of a group of 40 people was the best option for the beginning of the process. In another way, it did not work. The reasons that impeded our work were the lack of information about EM in Azerbaijan and the poor proliferation of such traditions in society.
The time was nothing at all, and the goals were big. For two months it was necessary to meet with all 40 members of the initiative group, to organize the Congress, to define the candidates, a group of volunteers to conduct the necessary negotiations with the main office units and to ensure participation of the International European Movement (IEM) in the process. Everything turned out well. An initiative group of 41 people was created, we attracted three benefactors from entrepreneurs.

Ramin Hajili

First chairman of  Dalga Youth Movement (2005-2006). Now he is one of trainers of the Democracy School and a president of Democracy Academy. Since September 2006 he is a chairman of Youth Organization of Democratic Reforms Party (DRP) and since 2008 a member of a Political Soviet of the DRP. From June 2011 to February 2012 he was the Vice President and the Secretary of the European Movement Azerbaijan. At the moment he is the President of European Movement Azerbaijan. Besides of that, he is an author and main editor of youth-oriented newspaper  “Alma”, which is publishing since 2006.  Ran for deputy in 2010 during the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan from 24th district of  Nizami region. Since 2011 he is a founder and general director of the journal «Üçüncü gələcək» («The Third Future»).  Ramin Hajili is an expert in political sciences and ideologies. 
Khalisa Shahverdi

International Lawyer, 8 year NGO experience in the field of Civil Society, 2010 year candidate to Parliamentary Member. Teacher at Azerbaijan University, Faculty of Social Work
Emin Aslan

Graduated from the Baku State University, Executive Director at Lawyers Committee on work with Human Rights. Program Coordinator at American BAR Association.
Parviz Abbasov

International Lawyer, CEU Graduate, JCI President. Teacher  at Baku State University, Faculty of International Law.
Gudsiya Mammadova

German Language Specialist, 5 months Intern Program in Bundestag, 5 months seminar program on Gender issues in Humboldt University, Berlin. Worked at German Embassy.
Fariz Ahmedov

Master and PhD degree in Istanbul, Teacher at Azerbaijan State Economic University, member of World Cooperative Social Responsibility Network 
Aysel Gaykhbxanova

Graduate of Azerbaijan University of Languages. Member of Association of Former UN Interns ( AFUNI) , Vice President of European Youth Parliament.
Parviz Azimov

Journalist, Assistant editor-in –chief at news portal, Blogger
Aynur Safarli

Pedagogue. Teacher at school No:236. Volunteer at EMA
Narmin Ramazanova

Chief  of Women Department of Dalga Youth Movement during 2006-2009 years. Specialist on work with Gender Problems. Volunteer at EMA.
Panah Alisoy

İT Specialist. EMA Volunteer.
Rasim Afandiyev

TRAXTOR Sazi Football  Club Fan Page Manager. Student of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
Vusal Ahadzadeh

Graduate of Azerbaijan State Economic University, faculty of International Relations. Marketing Manager. Co-founder of Dalga Youth Movement, Trainer  at Azerbaijan Democracy Academy.  
Ziniddin Babayev

Co-founder of Dalga Youth Movement, Marketing Manager. CEO of Kainat Education Center.
Sevinj Hajizadeh

International Trainer, Director of Secondary School No:79 , Vice President of “Kind Mother”  Children Support Public Union.
Natig Ahmedov

Businessman , Involved in Charity activities. President of “Kind Mother” Children Support Public Union. 
Nail Mammadli

World Champion in BUDO. President of New World Full Contact  in Azerbaijan.
Fidan Abdullayeva

Junior Student at Sumgait State University, Accountant. EMA Volunteer.
Mardan Afandiyev
Founder of first National Brend-9Month in Azerbaijan. CEO of “M & Partners “ Ltd. Economist, Director of Economic Reforms and Employee Support Analytic Center 
Asmar Ramazanova

Member of Dalga Youth Movement, Suggested by Dalga Youth Movement to EMA

Samir Asadli

Member of Gizildash Municipality, Director of Ecology and Civil Society  Commission. Chief Assistant of World Azerbaijani Congress.(WAC)  Suggested by  WAC to EMA
Gunay Babazadeh

Journalist, Blogger, EMA Volunteer
Anar Askar

Project Coordinator at UNDP. Art Director at “Ssenari Production”
Gulnar Aslanova

Senior Student at Baku State University, faculty of International Relations. EMA Volunteer.
Laman Yusubova

Senior Student at Baku State University, faculty of International Relations. EMA Volunteer.
Gulsel Safarova

President of the  Organization of  Integration of Azerbaijani Youth  to Europe.(AGAT) Suggested by AGAT to EMA
Orxan Akbarov

President of the Azerbaijani Student and Alumni International Forum (ASAIF) Suggested by ASAIF to EMA
Leyla Mammadli

Co-founder  and the President of Azeri Youth Alliance,(AYA) Master Degree at John Hopkins University.  Suggested by AYA to EMA
Javid İsmayılov

International Relation Coordinator at Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations Union ( ASYOU), Suggested by AZYOU to EMA
Leyla Aslanova

Ambassador Assistant at United Arabic Emirates. US-educated Alumni Association. (AAA) Suggested by AAA to EMA
Vugar Ahmadov

Graduate of Glasgow University. The President of Azerbaijan America Youth Association.( AAYA). Chief of the World Azerbaijani Youth Union Central Control Inspection Committee.  Suggested by AAYA to EMA
Akbar Ahmadov

Graduate of Wisconsin-Madison University Works at Information and Communication Technology Ministry
Gunel Safarova

International Trainer, SOS Children’s Village International. Member of CSR in Azerbaijan.
Mirhasan Seyidov

Chief Assistant of National Assembly of Youth Organizations in the Republic of Azerbaijan.(NAYORA)Suggested by NAYORA to EMA
Elnara Garibova

Co-fonder of IRELI Public Union, Got PhD in Ankara University, Faculty of International relations and European Union. Suggested by IRELI to EMA
Roman Suleymanov

Graduated from the Academy of Public Administration under the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Works at SOCAR( State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) as  HR Specialist, Department of HR section Training and Development.
Aygun Abbasguliyeva

Graduate of Baku State University, Director of the Union of Businesswomen, Regional Director of Biotest AG Germany in Azerbaijan and Georgia.
Hikmat İsmayılov

Graduated from Azerbaijan Medical University. President of Azerbaijan Youth Parliament , Resident in Heidelberg University Clinics.
Babek Aliyev

Designer at “Ssenari Production. EMA Volunteer
Arzu Mammadova

Gradated form Computer College, Computer Accountant. Member of 22nd District Electoral Committee. EMA volunteer
Igbal Abdullayev

Graduated from Qafqaz University, faculty of International Relations. International Interpreter, Assistant of Pakistani Ambassador.