Honorary Presidents

Kamal Abdullah
Kamal Abdullah was born on December 4, in 1950 in a family of intellectuals. His father was a teacher and his mother was a doctor.In 1968 he graduated from secondary school # 190. 1968-1973 he studied at the philological faculty of Azerbaijan State University.SSR Institute of Linguistics of the "Turkish language" he was post-graduate student (1973-1976). In January 1977, in Moscow, "syntactic parallelism" ("Book of Dede Korkut," epos language) has defended his Ph.D. thesis.Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences of the Turkish languages of the comparative study of the department of the Institute of Linguistics named after Nasimi junior researcher, senior researcher, worked as the head of department respectively (1977-1984).Since 1983,in Azerbaijani Television as a monthly literary and art, he was an author and presenter of scientific programs.In 1984, "the theoretical problems of Azerbaijan language syntax" has defended his doctoral dissertation.Institute of Foreign Languages in 1984-1987 "General and linguistics of Azerbaijan," he was head of the department and professor.Since 1990, he is chairman of the Azerbaijan Culture Foundation. In the same year "The Russian Language and Literature" he has been elected chair of the Institute of General and Russian Linguistics.From 1993 up to 2000 he has been elected Head of the Department of Foreign Languages Institute of Linguistics in general and in Azerbaijan.Uludag University in 1994-1995, "Turkish Language and Literature" section, worked as a professor.
Awarding ceremony of the Baku Slavic University Vladimir Putin was named as a doctor.Since 2000, the rector of Baku Slavic University, real member of the Turkish Language Institution, Ukraine and the Russian Academy of International PEN-club is a real member of staff.Board member of Azerbaijan Writers Union of Azerbaijan, President of the Badminton Federation.Well-known expert on literature and linguistics. At the same time conducting research in the field of Turkish peoples of the ancient epic literature.Universities in different countries of a "common language" and "text syntax" he is giving special courses and lectures on the subjects.The United States, France, Russia, Turkey is the lectures at the universities, a number of international symposiums and conferences was a speaker and participant.The author of more than 100 articles and books.In April 2007, was elected a correspondent member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.On November 29, 2007 was awarded the Pushkin Medal by the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. He was awarded "Humay" "525th newspaper" and "Novel of the year" in Azerbaijan.By the Monitoring Group of the Year he named "literary man".Azerbaijan, Russia, France, Turkey and dozens of scientific articles have been published in the daily press about him.In 2009, the President of Poland to the development of relations between the two countries for the services provided by the order, was awarded by "Kavalier" award.

Asim Mollazadeh

MP, Chairman of the Democratic Reforms party,President of the Euro-Atlantic Center,Member of PA EuronestDATE AND PLACE OF BIRTHJune 6, 1953, Baku, AzerbaijanEDUCATIONSecondary school #164, Baku, AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Medical University, Baku, AzerbaijanSechenov Medical Academy, 1980-1992, Moscow, Russia.Specialization in neurology and behavioral psychophysiology.Doctor of Medicine, M.D.WORK EXPERIENCEJune-December, 1992 – Director of the Centre of Psychogenic Neurological and Psychosomatic Diseases (Baku, Azerbaijan).December 1992 – April 1993 - Head of the Information and Analytical Department of the Presidential Administration (Baku, Azerbaijan).April-July, 1993 – Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs under the Presidential Administration and Special Presidential Envoy to hold talks with Armenia on the settlement of the war conflict.January 1994 – April 2005 - Deputy Chairman of Azerbaijan’s Popular Front Party for Foreign Affairs.From February 1994 – to 1998 - Co-founder and Vice President of the Democracy Development Foundation (Azerbaijan). The foundation’s activities are focused on strengthening political participation, promoting divergent views, political and legal education and providing forums for political debates.From May 1998 - Founder and President of the Euro-Atlantic Centre of Azerbaijan (EAC). The centre seeks to foster the integration of Azerbaijan to the Euro-Atlantic community and to create bridges between political players of the NATO countries and Azerbaijan. The centre’s activities also include issues of legal reforms, freedom of the media, and regional security. Dr. Mollazade has directed high-level conferences on such subjects as South Caucasus Security Policies; Azerbaijan and NATO Enlargement; Azerbaijan’s Perspective Membership in the CE, EC; Minority Problems, and a variety of other issues.From November 2000 – member of Azerbaijan’s Parliament (Milli Mejlis) (re-elected twice: in 2005 and 2010), member of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee.From January 2001 – Delegate to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). Chairman of the PACE Subcommittee on Middle East, member of the PACE Monitoring and Political Committees. PACE Reporter on Belarusian Issues.From July 2005 to present – Chairman of the Democratic Reforms Party of Azerbaijan (re-elected twice: in July 2008 and October 2011).