Office of European Movement of Azerbaijan opened – PHOTO

President of the International European Movement (IEM) Jo Leinen attended the opening ceremony of the office.
As it was earlier reported, the Congress of the European Movement of Azerbaijan (EMA) was held on Feb. 17. A day after the EMA organized a conference on “The Role of Civil Society in the Process of European Integration”.
Leinen visited Azerbaijan to participate in ceremonial events and the opening of an office in Baku on Feb. 17 -20.
During the visit, the President visited the Alley of Martyrs, met with Baku’s historical landmarks and attended the opening of the EMA’s office, located at Samad Vurgun Str. 17-34.
After visiting the EMA’s office , Leinen met with the initiative group of the organization, told his wishes and gave some recommendations, and voiced hope for an independent activity for the good of the country.
“I met with everyone who presents here, so I can say the EMA has united intellectual forces representing different spheres of the Azerbaijani society, who are ready to show themselves at their best,” he said. “I wish your activity was independent and free.”
“I personally introduce the organization at a meeting of the IEM’s Executive Committee in April and try to do my best to make the EMA a full member of the IEM, as the process of Azerbaijan’s integration into Europe is very important. Thus, the EMA is likely to participate as the IEM’s full member in the Federal Assembly in May,” Leinen added.

Source: ANN.Az

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