Activity Program


European Movement Azerbaijan (EMA)
1 Program of the European Movement International European Movement in Azerbaijan, Europe and other countries of the European national movements in the local experience, as well as ambassadors of the European countries (Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Sweden, Belarus, Austria, Germany ...) and international organizations (OSCE, Council of Europe, the European Union, ...) of the recommendations was used.

1. Introduction ..........................................................3 
2. Activities Prescribed by Law...................................4
  2.1 The Meetings of the Board ...............................  4
  2.2 General Assembly ............................................  4
3. Opportunity and Network Activities ..................... 5
4. Based on the Concent of the Activity Project .........6
a) The study of international organizations................ 6
b) Enlargement and uts immediate neighbourhood.....6
c) Human rughts and democracy ............................... 7
d) Education and culture .............................................7
e) Ecology and environmental protection..................... 7
f) Integration ............................................................ 7-8

5. End .........................................................................8

The establishment of the International European Movement, the idea comes from of ​​local representation in Estonia in 2004. This initiative with activity in different periods of social and political life of Azerbaijan it only began operating system since 2007. During this period, the various events held on 17 February 2012 the Azerbaijan European Movement (EMA) the first Constituent Congress. Congress of the European Movement Ramin Hajili, Khalisa Shahverdi, Emin Aslan, Parviz Abbasov, Gulsel Safarova, Mirhasan Seyidov, Elnara Garibova, Qudsiyya Mammadova, Orkhan Akbarov, Fariz Akhmedov, Javid Ismailov , Vugar Ahmadov, Leyla Aslanova were attended. Board of Directors (BD) members selected. Charter was adopted by a lot of noise.
February 20, was the first meeting of the Board of Directors of AEM. In assembly 4 Vice President of Movement - Hikmat Ismailov, Leyla Mammadli, Mardan Afandiyev and Sevinc Hajizade were selected. Meeting was confirmed Aysel Qayibkhanova as General Secretary of AEM. In the meeting of Board Directors of AEM was established working group for the preparation of activity program.
March 4, in 2012 it was decided followings:
·         AEM to be the full member of the EMI the necessary works assigned to Ramin Hajili and Aysel Qayibkhanova,
·         By the recommendation of the General Secretary central office workers has been approved,
·         3 Honorary President elected to Movement
·         March 17 AEM submitted exact composition and program of activity to the general public
·         March 17, 2012 in the International Press Centre EMA has been presented activity program to the general public

               Azerbaijan European Movement is a non-commercial organization and its main aim is integration into Europe of peace, democracy, freedom, solidarity and respect for human rights is to establish principles. EMA together with its member organizations and individuals to support the integration process.   This broad and diverse membership for the integration of cultural, political, economic and social sphere will create a platform in the process of integration.

2. Activities Prescribed by Law
In 2012, European Movement Azerbaijan plans to organize 10 meetings at least once a month according to the Regulation.
November 2012, is going to be General Meeting of EMA
   2.1 The meetings of the Board of Directors
Azerbaijan and the European Movement, the Board of Directors will meet once a month during the year of 2012. These meetings, the President, Board members, Vice President and the Secretary General will participate.
 2.2    General Assembly
The general meeting will be held once in 2012 in Baku. In the November meeting President, members of the Board, Vice President, General Secretary, Associative members and who represented Movement’s variety structures will participate.

3 Opportunity and Network Activities
EMA plans to strengthen its strategy to gain new members in 2012. EMA base of support for these plans in different sectors of civil society to enlarge and focuses the direction of greater influence. EMA civil society organizations in order to fill its purpose will be to attract.
EMA will confirm associative members into 8 groups. Advisors will be on the movement of these groups that he will be engaged in coordination counsellor groups, respectively. Associative groups are followings:
1.      Public Works
2.      Economical NGOs
3.      Youth Organization
4.      Cultural Organizations
5.      Women’s Associations
6.      Social NGOs
7.      Business Companies
8.      Media
Another main goal of EMA is communication gap between the reduction of citizens and enterprises. For this purpose, will be used the communication strategy. This act will serve in the member organizations. EMA as well as regular exchange between member associations will be organized. In 2012 EMA is going to work for business companies, civil society partners, local and international NGOs, Humanitarian and International Funds and permanent contact with the media will work for the development of cooperation. In order to fill the purposes of their reputational cooperation EMA, will construct on the basis of dialogue and exchange.
In 2012 International European Movement, will be held a three-session Training Academy. European Movement Azerbaijan plans to send students to all three sessions.

4 Based on the Content or Activities of the Project
Content-based activities will be organized by 6 committees. Meetings of the committees will be established by law and will be open to all Member Associations. The work of the committees will be established on the basis of co-operation and projects related to each committee. Committees as well as Member Organization will expand cooperation opportunities with other Committees.
   4.1 The study of international organizations experience committee
EMA will function as an international organization in Azerbaijan. For this reason, studying the movement and activities of international organizations relevant to their operations created a committee. In addition to establishing the theoretical framework of the Committee and other committees will be directed. The Committee also serve to increase knowledge in this direction for staff will be submit training and seminars.
In 2012, EMA will organize local and international organizations briefings on European issues. Discussions to bring together representatives of international and local enterprises will try to determine the role of civil society in the process of integration.

 4.2 Enlargement and its immediate neighbourhood
In Azerbaijan there is a new stage of capitalism which is in process of urbanization. For this reason, it is very important expansion of the regions of Azerbaijan. Taking this into account, on the basis of EMA, the expansion strategy to enhance the activity of the regions. In 2012 EMA to operate in the plans to a special investigation. Various surveys, monitoring and site visits will be organized, and it is in the region, some of them, in turn, will determine the future of EMA. EMA future expansion and to act in the near neighbourhood of the asset will be the main thesises.
In the second direction of expansion and close neighbourly relations with neighbouring countries. In 2012, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Iraq and Syria can be a real co-operation with the organizations to identify and develop their partnerships into the methodology. Nearest neighbours in the process of European integration, peace and cooperation for the development of exchange of views serving factor. Therefore, EMA counterparts in neighbouring countries is very interesting. EMA but also the cooperation of all partners are prepared theses which the sign will be consistent with the declarations.

  4.3 Human rights and democracy
Known as the basic values ​​of European democracy and human rights is a key priority for EMA. In this regard, the preparation of various programs and projects, as well as to the real activity to prepare a thesis committee of Human Rights and Democracy. This work is planned for the public awareness that the human rights and democracy movement in 2012, to prepare the various trainings, organizing conferences and to constitute a monitoring.
  4.4 Education and culture
The largest project of EMA in 2012 is to the field of education and culture. The reason for this Eurovision and education in Azerbaijan's law is on the agenda of the parliament. EMA is operating for, before and after Eurovision measuring as an actual size European culture in Azerbaijan in connection with the take various measures. Parliament during the discussions on the legal education of the public debate to prepare their proposals for the holding of the 3 conference of EMA. These proposals will be submitted to the parliament and some other organizations. EMA in 2012 plans to create "European Culture and Information Centre". The centre of the European countries, as well as information about the database will consist of European values ​​. In addition, graduates of the centre of Europe will be free to use. For the perform ceremony there will be conference and exercise rooms.
  4.5 Ecology and environmental protection
Referring to the European values, also reminds the ecology and environmental protection. Changes in recent years due to the global nature of the activities in this field strengthened. Taking into account this shade EMA in 2012, "Green Azerbaijan" campaign plans to hold. This campaign to protect the environment planning to held conferences, training, and different kinds of flashmobs.
  4.6 Integration
The main purpose of EMA to achieve the integration. It combines under the 3 headings:
1.     Integration of the European Union:
Acts adopted by the European Union in 2012 to promote the study and the conference will be organized with the participation of specialists. In addition, the European Movement International Training Academy in 2012, will organize a three-session, EMA plans to send students all three sessions.
2.      Cooperation with advanced countries in Europe:
European Union countries to strengthen cooperation with the local European Movement it is important for the increasing experience. In 2012, various visits and virtual dialogue with other countries of the European movement to be taken to the signing of the relevant memorandums. This will help to contribute to the development of cross-cultural dialogue. EMA and the International European Movement in 2012, will try to become a full member. For this purpose, the implementation of relevant travel, preparation and submission of necessary documents and plans to strengthen activities in this direction.
3.     9 May Europe Day
As in all post-Soviet countries in the May 9 Victory Day is marked also in Azerbaijan. EMA will start 2012 as the European Day marked on May 9. 9 May in 2012 with an other European countries EMA plan to hold a great event. The more important values ​​to those assets in Europe for integration will be mentioned, and this year will be about the issue of aging.

European Movement in Azerbaijan in 2012, on the basis of its activities to build this program, as well as the ground work for the next years will be provided. In addition to the Action Program of Action Statue, Charter and Manifesto is going to continue their action. International conventions, the laws of Azerbaijan Republic and International European Movement’s standards include legal basis for EMA.